Eutco is currently the third largest in the production of top quality in Tanzania. We are focused to Produce tea in the most cost effective, sustainable manner consistent with responsible employment and environmental practices.

The EUTCO Tea Estates

Established in 2007, East usambara tea company is based in tanzania and we are producers of ctc black tea. Annual production is 4.5 million kilograms

Eutco has 870 permanent workers of which 130 work in the factory 2,400 garden workers (including seasonal workers)  |  Housing: 1200 worker houses in 9 camps, 36 independent houses for managers & supervisory staff  |  Divisions: Kwamkoro, Ngua, Ndola, Monga, Maramba, Derema, Ngambo, Bulwa

In 2012, the company has invested US$ 1.25 Million in new and improved tea machinery for modernization of Kwamkoro and Bulwa Tea Factories. This will improve efefficiencies, reduce costs and result in better tea grades. The company is expected to double the production capacity to 5 Million Kgs of black tea given a yield potential of 2,500 Kgs of Made Tea per Hectare.

Eutco is the first Tea grower to be granted with the Tea Blending & Packaging License. The project implementation has started and expected to start retail selling by mid 2020.


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